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Be a GIANT with Social Marketing!


  • Facebook Developing
  • Custom Profile Pics
  • Custom Fan Page Design

  • Daily Maintenance & Content

  • Video Integration
  • Inventory Integration
  • Automotive Social Marketing
  • QR Codes
  • SEO & SEM

  • and more...

Our Work is Dedicated
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Giant Social Media is dedicated to ensure that we deliver results for you.  Facebook and Social Media are extremely effective and you  MUST have an online presence, but a positive online presence. 

You have probably been told that you need a Facebook page as well as Social Media for your business.  But just any old website does not get the job done.    Let Giant Social Media handle your online social marketing for you.  

Why Social Media?

  • Interaction -  a positive way to reach your customers.
  • Information - Inform your customers. Get your information out there to your customers, don't just try and sell them something.
  • Influencing - Constantly updating and engaging your customers allows them to get involved and spread the word for you.
  • Inspire - posting good content, not just selling, can leave a positive image with your customer
  • Image - you are cutting edge, which is great for your business!  Image is everything and social media is all about image.

Don't miss a great opportunity to reach your marketing potential. 

Giant Social Media can handle your social marketing needs for you and let you get back to handling your business.





your business

- let us handle

your social


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Social Media

"Why social media and Facebook", you ask?  There are many reasons but the main reason is that everyone is using it, especially those with buying power.

Right now there are millions of people using Facebook at this very second.  Without a good Facebook page, you are missing out.

About Giant...

At Giant Social Media, we find out your needs and wants and then develop a customized plan to benefit you.

You may need a good landing page or a custom Facebook  profile image; no problem, we have you covered.

If you need someone to regularly maintain your social media including posting, marketing, updating, etc, we can handle your needs.